Managed Services:

For organizations looking for an SAP services solution that offers flexibility with a focus on optimization, Symbiosis Managed Services provides a trusted and proven service-based solution. It’s designed to help facilitate change, address gaps and drive new areas of growth.

Symbiosis Managed Services offerings are built on delivering a remarkable experience in SAP. Our Managed Services offers a more informed, invested, and involved offering that is centered around long-term success and realizing as much value as possible from your investment. Here’s how our product is different from other managed services offerings in the marketplace:

  • We focus on making SAP easy to use: User experience and enablement is a top priority
  • We are SAP experts: We only do SAP, and know the SAP landscape and where the industry is going better than anyone
  • We are Strategic: We combine industry trends with technology to meet your business goals
  • We are committed to ongoing excellence: Our agile, iterative approach ensures that projects effectively engage key stakeholders and result in the solution that’s right
  • We’ll be your trusted partner: We will advocate for your interests and be with you at every turn

Benefits of Our Managed Service Engagement:

Managed services allows organizations more flexibility and scalability within your SAP portfolio – spend less money when demand is low, but quickly scale up as resource demand increases without having to worry about the ‘overhead’ of onboarding new resources or identifying specific skill sets to solve individual problems.

Symbiosis defined service level agreements offer transparency to our clients ensuring both the value and service level are clearly defined. We will:

  • Establish a run rate that meets your budget
  • Manage your issues list / backlog (less hands-on management required)
  • Scale up or down resources based upon demand
  • Provide clear visibility to value

Specific Managed Services Offerings

If you’re looking for ongoing assistance with active projects, Symbiosis offers scoped service offerings for specific areas. For complete details, click HERE.

Managed Services